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So, I’ve fallen in love.  And, its so much better than I expected it to be.

One of my take-aways from the #AWBU conference was the Rhonna app

Yes, Rhonna Designs, the digital scrapbooking company, has an amazing app.  Like its the one I want to play on every minute of every day!

For quite some time, I’ve been trying to find a way to make those cute little square pictures that everyone is using on their blogs.  It makes having a pinnable image for your post so much easier.  One thing I really wanted to figure out in a room full of all my amazing talent, super gorgeous and ever nerdy blogger chicks was to have someone show me their secret.  Well, we spent more time eating pizza and talking about the cute boy in the lobby of the hotel than me actually learning any of the tricks I wanted to at #AWBU. (so, yes if you know how, I still want a tutorial…I’ll even buy the coffee!)

But, this new app, has been the gap and frankly has given me a way better tool than anything I could derive from my computer. 

You can do amazing things with your pictures.  Like things you would even want to order and print, put on canvases.  Yes, even graphic design type work….I know!

So, I give you Rhonna.  Yes, its one of those apps that costs.  And, yes it has even better enhancements that cost a little bit more.  But, really…I’ve never gained so much from $1.99. 

Like I love it so much I almost want to go back and start scrapbooking again!  Digitally of course!

Do it, go look it up…and make sure you follow me on twitter and instagram so you can see all my amazing creations!

(oh and I discovered tonight that they have a set of tutorial videosCreative Outpour you are my hero of the week!  The green t-shirt and leopard skirt were a perfect way to start a conversation that led to this amazingness…I owe you.)