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With the busyness of the weekend at the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference, I missed connecting you to my post with the Arkansas Women Bloggers.  And, when I say “my” post, I was just the curator!

Some pretty amazing ladies (little ladies and mentors) threw in their thoughts.  When I originally stepped up to contribute this month, I had a beautifully written piece to my 16 yr old self.  Then I wanted to write to my 21 year old self and then my 25 yr old self and then my 30 yr old self and I quickly realize that the lessons I’ve learned stemmed from some amazing women speaking some strong bits of truth in my life.

So instead, I decided to do a little experiement.  I reached out to a lady in each decade age bracket, 4-74, and asked them to answer the same questions.  Each question represented different stages of their life.  It was so much fun to see all their answers and really look at how much we change over time.  And yet, how much we stay the same.

I’m so grateful to these ladies for lending me their stories. 

You must read this if for no other reason than the pictures!!!

So, you know… Back in My Day