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So, who are you? 

That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately.  I mentioned on Monday about the personal brand journey I’ve been mulling over the last couple weeks.

Who is “bigpittstop”.  But, more than that, who is Keisha
Pittman.  When people encounter me in
real life, are they perplexed that it’s the same person.  And, if the meet me in person first and then
meet in social media world, do they get the same thing?

That’s a really big deal to me. 
I want to leave a place better than I found it.  But, I want to consistently portray the same thing about me and about my views of the world.
I like to sparkle sunshine dust in the wake of my presence
(yes, I just said that and would like a series of notecards designed to
commemorate that).
I LOVE to make people laugh. 
But, I’m a fan of the giggle and the belly laugh.  I don’t like to be just funny, I like to say
things that make people smirk; things that have to sit on their heart and marinate a little
before the full effect kicks in.  And
then, I love to say things so hilarious that people roll their eyes and bend
their bodies in the middle from hilarity.
But, I also like to just have conversation that makes you
say “hmmmmm”.  My dad likes to text that
to me.  I don’t even think he knows how
much I love the response.  But, it’s a
moment when I know I’ve resonated.  Coffee conversations move my soul more than anyone probably realizes.  I love to learn and glean from the everyday of life and share so that others don’t have to experiences life’s hard lessons the same way I have.  (plus somewhere in the mix  I usually realize that someone else is experiencing a bit of “cray” as well.)
I want to be able to lookback and see an impression.  You know like when you walk on a mat – not a
yoga mat, that requires sweat.  Like when
you walk on a floor mat, or push your hand into a TempurPedic mattress.  There is an impression and for a moment, it
looks just like you.  That’s the kind of
impression.  Not to think that I make the
world a better place, but that while I was there, I left something of me
Now, that’s the good life!