Keeping it simple in format, just go read these things that dazzled me this week!

  • What I want my daughters to know about marriage  – circulated on FB this week, but something I’ve munched on and I think every high school and college girl needs to read.  Quit looking just for a dude, do life!  It will come together 
  • – great resource for lots of questions that feel really silly 
  • “Met” this guy Wed. on a webinar and I cannot wait until his book, Dream Year, comes out next week.  Already trying to figure out how I can get to Chicago for the Story Conference.
  • Speaking of Amazon, I’m loving using the amazon app to create my “wish list”.  Its so nice any time I hear a book or see something I “want”, I just open my phone and I can either scan it or search for it an add it to my wish list.  Told my mama about this list I was forming, but she wasnt as interested as I was.  Just wish I could put the items in order of preference.  #controlfreak – its not enough that I want, I want in a certain order! 
  • And one more article I picked up on FB.  We are doing a Tim Keller study on Wednesday nights and I’m becoming a fan.  What I like even more is that he kinda bucks the system a little and is not afraid of the challenge – The meaning of marriage  

Cannot say enough good things about the week ive had.  I was invested in.  I learned.  I created.  I fellowshiped.  I smiled, a lot!