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Little lights from my week:

  • So, its no secret, I’m a digital hoarder – I love to take in information anywhere I can get it, but more often than not, I run across something when I cant stop and truly take it in.  At a lovely coffee catch up this week, my friend mentioned “Pocket”, an app she has started using to help keep herself organized.  We are talking about “managing ourselves”.  You have to know yourself and part of knowing yourself is knowing how to manage yourself.  I downloaded the app when I got home and I love this – Pocket – check it out!
  • Early Christmas list ideas (these work for adults too!):
  • So, I wanted to share these last week, but I had too many things, so I’ve been enjoying these again and have to share them – Weird Al released several videos a couple weeks ago and they are so funny.  You have got to watch these! Tacky and Word Crimes have me crying tears! 
  • Buy of the week – Terro Fruit Fly traps – this summer I’ve tried to be way more intentional about getting and keeping fruit in my house – fruit flies have been the death of me. 

If you have a perfect solution for fruit flies, please help a sister out!