A few little gems from my week!

  • I loved this post by my blogger pal Stacy.  I’ve not been really in touch with all that’s going on in Ferguson.  I’ve frankly kinda cut “news” out of my world lately.  I dont like watching it.  And, I follow several new sources on twitter and for the better part of 2 years that has been my into source for news topics (not just twitter, but news outlets on twitter).  You may not agree with my reasoning, and that’s cool.  But one thing that I really don’t understand and cant get is racism.  It makes my stomach churn.  I do not understand that it is 2014 and I still see pictures that resemble the days of the major civil rights movement.  We do not live in a world where backwards motion is acceptable.  We have to hate hatred.  We have to. – http://staceyvalley.wordpress.com/2014/08/20/color-blind-is-a-lie/
  • Found this photographer on FB and loved looking through her pictures.  I just really love her style.  And, I dreamed about the girl in the glitter picture.  Not the girl, but the photo-shoot (yes, I’ve started taking something to help me sleep better!) – http://www.caroselloblog.com/ – love these photos and this style!
  • Homeless people were asked to write down something about themselves – here’s what it looked like.  We all have a story of where we and where we’ve been.  Both effect who we are – http://www.lifebuzz.com/rethink/
  • because well – we live in the south – so, its always on our minds – http://ilovemornings.blogspot.com/2014/08/how-you-know-hes-one.html?m=1
  • And, I thought I was the one overthinking it! – http://aplus.com/a/what-guys-think-when-they-text
  • Loved this little blog I ran across this week – still trying to figure out the best way for me to interact with the blog.  I also am intrigued by their layout.  Not convinced yet if I love it, its just different so learning a new navigation look – http://wastingperfume.com/ 
  • And then, I tweeted about this earlier this week, but I had a great customer experience with MOO this week.  I ordered business cards for myself combined with my etsy store (K Cutie Designs).  But, I loved the looks online, the ease of interface and ordering and was so grateful the next day when I had to call and cancel the order because I made a mistake.  The CS rep was so kind and helpful and made it super easy for me to just go in and make a change without having to start from the beginning on my designs.  Check them out!  moo.com/share/6j6pmx