So, last night I started getting ready for the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference.  Like “its time to get serious sister”.  I’ve been sewing all weekend getting ready for the marketplace, but it was time to make sure I was investing in ME.

I was inspired by Allison Chino‘s article “Help! AWBU is MY First Conference and I’m So Nervous“.  The checklist of things to think about before you go were so helpful (and would be helpful for any conference). I remember getting ready to go to the conference for my first time last year and had no idea I needed to think about more than what kid of sandals were appropriate for the “rustic” accommodations and if I needed a jacket since we would be inside all day.  Little did I know there were many more things to think about.

So, literally the morning that we left I was pleading with the Kinkos lady to see if she could get my business cards (that I had just whipped up on Publisher) printed and cut by my 3PM departure time.  She came through, but I was less that well representing my brand.

This year, I’m a week or so ahead of where I was last year and got online to order my cards with MOO.  Yes, MOO.  Dont let the name throw you.  I had a fantastic customer experience and no dairy cows were involved.

I’ve been a vistaprint fan for a long time – probably because my main gateway with them was some fantastic freebies.  But, MOO had some fantastic designs.  Like pages and pages for people in all kinds of fields.  And, they look so professional and way better than anything you could “whip up”.  So, whether you are representing a blog brand, an etsy store, a photography business, serve on a board of a local non-profit or run a small business, let me encourage you to look.  And, they are so much more than “a business card company”.  I’ve not had my last interaction with them!

Here’s a link to get you started –
Let me know what you think!