who are you

Hit “play” then continue reading! So, who are you?  That’s something I’ve been thinking about lately.  I mentioned on Monday about the personal brand journey I’ve been mulling over the last couple weeks. Who is “bigpittstop”.  But, more than that, who is Keisha Pittman.  When people encounter me in real life, are they perplexed that… Read More who are you



So, last night I started getting ready for the Arkansas Women Bloggers conference.  Like “its time to get serious sister”.  I’ve been sewing all weekend getting ready for the marketplace, but it was time to make sure I was investing in ME. I was inspired by Allison Chino‘s article “Help! AWBU is MY First Conference… Read More moo

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6 years

6 years.  Do you know what can happen in 6 years? yea, me neither.  I tried to do a Google search and came back with stuff about felonies, a mummified woman and something about Georgia and a missile in Russia.  If you look at a listing of world news on August 7, 2008, you quickly find… Read More 6 years