I don’t know if it’s the fact that my sister and bro-in-law are away at children’s camp or the nostalgia of the summer, but I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the people that have invested in me.     A couple weeks ago, I had a pretty heartfelt convo about the amazing people that… Read More Investing


Truffs this week

So, today I’m kinda finding myself as a copy cat.  I have a blogger friend who sends out a weekly newsletter of what she found to be true that week.  Its become one of my favorite things to read each week.  So much so, that I will always mark my eNewsletter from her “unread” until… Read More Truffs this week



Do you ever experience loneliness?  When does it kick in?  Is there a trigger, or is it just a feeling? I find myself wondering these things often.  Maybe its just the empty Saturday schedule or the fact that my world is a little less “busy” these days, but I don’t do “idle” or “still” very… Read More lonelies



All I can say is AMEN Dude to dude this is a good one. This great article circulated on FB last week and I thought I’d share. I’m sure my single ladies would agree.  Its an interesting thing dating when you’re a grown up.