fathers day repost

In honor of father’s day, I’m reposting a post from March about my amazing parents (and a challenge to dads). Title: Praying ParentsI’m so grateful for technology.  Even on Sundays when its super yucky outside and I’m a scaredy cat, I can still worship and hear a powerful message from the Lord.  And, with all the… Read More fathers day repost


tacos 4 life

Well friends, today was the day.  The day a dream unfolded. The day ‘ole was heard around Faulkner county. Tacos 4 Life opened this morning. While at Ouachita I had the privilege to get to know so many amazing students.  Some I mentored, some I offered advice and some I watched dream and dream big.  Some… Read More tacos 4 life


Consider Life Beyond

For many, today is just another Sunday.  Its a beautiful day and many are out fishing, gardening, laying by the pool and just enjoying being outside after being cooped up inside from all the rain this week. But in addition to all those things, today is a very special day! Today is National Cancer Survivors… Read More Consider Life Beyond