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I was reminded this morning what a gift the right parents can be. I’m always amazed how God builds families. How Je knots together parents and children that need each other.

I know much of who we are is built off genetics. I look in the mirror every day and see my mother. I laugh at the ways my personality mimicks my dad’s. I know that we all stem from a core person and who we are at our core is who we are. But I’m also of the school of thought that much of where, how, when we grow up can also have a great impact on who we become. 
Thankfully I have some cool people in my corner. 
My dad called me on his way to church this morning to tell me he had visited a church and run into my elementary school principal. But where he ran into them is the point. There was a pastor in my parents hometown who passed away last Sunday. He posted a sermon series on his Facebook page at 3AM, went to sleep and didn’t wake up (my dad stays awake that late so I gave him a little lecture while I had the time). So, dad had gone over this morning to see if he could meet or pray with any folks at their church this morning. Just to be nice. No other connection. 
While dad was there he ran into my old principal who was there to fill in the pulpit. Of course they struck up a conversation and started connecting the dots. I was surprised by all this given the fact that I’ve not seen this man since I left that school in 3rd grade. But apparently my dad has run in to him over the years, even visiting him at the hospital when he was almost gone at one point. 
All these details are kinda rolling out to be a little morbid, but I have a point. These people that raised me are kind. We always joke at our house that my mom’s love language is desserts. Skip gifts and acts of service, my mom can fix almost anything with a dessert! But I’ve realized over the last couple years as I grow older and watch and learn from them that most of the motivation behind what they do is that they are kind people. 
The kind of people that go out of their way to visit someone who is sick. And I’m not talking about just their closest friends, they visit friends of friends just because it’s the kind thing to do. 
The kind of people who plan ahead when grocery shopping or meal planning to include extra for someone. My mom thinks if she is baking one cake, she might as well make 2 and take one somewhere. 
The kind of people who have a crushed tree in their front yard but will go down the street to cut down (and break your saw on) the older lady’s tree at the end of the street. 
My stories could go on. They are simply kind people and I’m grateful they are mine.