Today I’m dedicating my blog to Relay For Life.  As you know I spend my days (and nights) fighting alongside some brave warriors.  We have some awesome volunteers in North Arkansas who commit lots of time and creativity to the fight against cancer.

I want to ask you to join them today.  All across our great state, we are asking folks to give a donation of $5 to the American Cancer Society.  There are many reasons to give, but here a few

  • give to honor someone you know who is fighting cancer right now
  • give to remember someone you have lost to this disease
  • use today to give a “high 5” to someone in your life who is doing a great job.  What better way to be honored than with a life saving gift
  • maybe you wanted to go out for Mexican food an instead decided to stay in – donate that $5 instead!
  • give to just say thank you to those volunteers who daily work to raise life saving funds.  

But, maybe you are like me and wonder where the money goes and what it does.  Let me encourage you to take a moment and watch this little video.  Still not convinced?  Then watch this one about the guy who saved my life!

yea, I’m pretty convinced that $5 can make a difference!

Just follow this link to my Relay page and give as you are able!!  I promise to do the Mexican hat dance and say ‘ole!