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I love these kinds of days.

You know the kind where I get to hang out with these gals over at Arkansas Women Bloggers.

This month, they have a series called {Have Suitcase, Will Travel} and they were kind enough to let me contribute.

I do have suitcases and my crazy life does involve some (or a little more than some!) travel.

I remember when I was in my interview to be an Admissions Counselor and they told me I would have to travel and I told them I loved to travel (and they all chuckled…now I know why).  Well, I wasn’t lying and thankfully I still dont mind staying in a hotel, but traveling city to city in your own state, staying in several different hotels each month, getting the weekly surprise of what rental car you are going to drive – may not all seem glamourous, but it is my life. And I am a lot of things…somedays glamorous is one of them.  Don’t believe me?  Look at these photos!

The beauty is in the journey and the gifts are in the drive.

On the Road, Still!