fish sandwich lovers

So, last week I had a thought.  “It’s Ash Wednesday.  Know what that means?  Fish sandwiches!!!” Of course, I didn’t mention it to anyone because I’ve learned in our culture, liking the fish sandwich is faux pas; makes you some kind of dirty version foodie.  And, if its not, then we are all just living… Read More fish sandwich lovers


wordless weekend (feb 14-16)

     Playing catch up from a couple weeks ago.  Couldn’t let this fantastic weekend go un-mentioned.  I’m so grateful for friendships that withstand the miles and reminders of my babies on the other side of the world.  What a gift to be part of sharing Jesus with them.


praying parents

I’m so grateful for technology.  Even on Sundays when its super yucky outside and I’m a scaredy cat, I can still worship and hear a powerful message from the Lord.  And, with all the yucky weekends we’ve had this winter, I’ve be blessed to still experience the grace and gift of God’s Word and fresh… Read More praying parents