So, I looked back to do a wordless weekend post because I skipped it yesterday and realized something, I didn’t take one photo. 

If you follow me on the Twitter, you know that my Saturday was spent being a Donestic Diva, Goddess if you will! I got up early ( well early for me) and had a massage, got a haircut, went to walmart, shopped for my work meeting this week, and started 2 loads of laundry all before 1.  It was a productive day. I love those kinds of Saturdays. And, it ended with grilled burgers and movies with some if my favorite dudes. Nothing bad about that! 
But when I looked at my last photo in my album on my phone, I saw this one. 
It was taken last Thursday night at the Lady Razorbacks home game. That chick right there is my college roommate, Brooke. 
I love that she can text me out of no where and let me know she is going to be in my backyard and thought to include me in her evening plans. I love that I got to see her energetic and hilarious daughter. I love that her husband is my friend too, a man I respect and love how he loves her. And I love that we just pick up where we left off last time. 
I miss her. I miss what we had in college. I mean, talking late at night on bunk bed with sweatshirts on and crazy hair. What’s not to love. I miss hearing her Friends DVD on repeat in our living room. But I’m so grateful for what we had there. I’m grateful for her friendship and I’m grateful for the journeys we’ve encountered along the way. 
Friends are treasures. And I loved this sweet reminder and the laughs shared last week!