going unplugged

Maybe this is my attempt at setting myself up or giving myself a little space, but I really want to be fully present over the next couple weeks while I spend some quality time with my folks.  Oh sure I’ll be thinking (do I ever really stop?)  I’m might even do a little crafting.  Maybe… Read More going unplugged


Favorite Things 2014

The last couple years (2013, 2012) I’ve done a little “Favorite Things” blog.  You know new things I’ve discovered in the year or my must-haves and go tos! So, Favorite things 2014 Apps- with a social media job, I’ve come to a place where I cannot live without a few apps.  And, as a savvy… Read More Favorite Things 2014


#cookiequest: The recipe

Since today is National Cookie Day, it only seems fitting to be the day the official #cookiequest recipe is shared.  You know the fan fare and the process that has gone in to finding this! (If not, start here)   Remember, perfection is defined by the “eater”, “user”, “subscriber”.  For me, this is perfection.  Its… Read More #cookiequest: The recipe


#cookiequest: Round 2

Round 2 took just as much time to make, but felt way more informed.  I had my basic recipes behind me and the real fun began…true experimenting.  Again, I did my research.  Enough that my head was literally hurting and I had to verbally tell myself out loud to get away from the computer (I… Read More #cookiequest: Round 2


#cookiequest: Round 1

#cookiequest: Round 1 was as straight forward as I’ve ever been with any cooking I’ve ever done.  I picked 4 basic recipes and I followed the instructions exactly as they were listed. Research told me these were the most “gone to” basic chocolate chip cookie recipes so I choose to start here. Pre-spreadsheet, pre tasting, no pre-conceived… Read More #cookiequest: Round 1