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Well, I know its not a surprise, but my baby sister got married this weekend.  It was a perfect weekend.  I’ll admit that many lists went into the making of this perfect day (you know like the lists of lists kind).  And, like them or not, it really went off without a hitch.  Only 3 minor things.  There was more candy hiding under the cake table when we thought it was all out, half of the plates didn’t come in the mail until Sunday morning and she sprinted down the wrong aisle after the wedding.  If that’s all we can note, then it was a perfect day!  One thing is for sure, she LOVES that boy. 

My mom, dad and sis have worked so hard (with all my bossing from a distance) and had everything together.  So much so that we had nothing to do on Wednesday so everyone got to do their own thing – mom cooked more sweets, I played with my friends, Maresa surprised Zak at his school and dad did whatever he wanted to.

We had many amazing friends who made everything happen and helped us with every detail.  It was such a worship experience and everything my totally, completely in-love, little love bird sister could have wanted.  Enjoy some special pictures. of our great weekend!  Not to worry, we are washing table cloths and unpacking centerpieces and the little love birds are celebrating Christmas on a big boat!  Feliz Navidad…

 (no, we didn’t make the food, but I did do the floral arrangements.  Just wouldn’t be a party without the personal touch!  And, my dad did the ceremony.  Our pastor from our home church shared some precious personal words before my dad gave her away.  It was the perfect touch.)

A day we have dreamed of for 28 years.  Talked about in our sheet forts and late night slumber parties.  Man how I love being a big sister!