Well, the winner came out to be #3.  I have 4 different versions of the random integer file that I ran to choose it, but it is not wanting to cooperate and given the hour, I’m not patient enough to figure out what I’m doing wrong.  So, can you trust me?

I mean I share a love of butter, cooking and holidays as much as this woman!

I’m so grateful to be able to give this to the lady chosen.  Lindsey is one special lady for nominating her friend Tonya who I actually know personally and I cannot wait to get this book in her hands. 
Lindsey contact me by email (or Facebook) and we can get a message to Tonya with your book.  I know she will be pumped and I know she has a house full of hungry mouths that this will benefit!  With all she gives away, it will be fun to have a little surprise arrive in the mail for her!
As we wind up and prepare for the week before Christmas, let me challenge you with something I threw at my twitter followers today – let’s spend this season sharing more, giving more smiles and saying thank you a little more often. 
I had a team member at Wal-Mart today ( a very busy, top ranked Wal-Mart I might add) hunt me down in the market section of the store to bring me something we could not find together on the baking aisle.  We looked at 2 holiday displays and came up with an alternative that might have worked, but she found me in the dairy section and brought me the exact item we had been looking for.  That’s amazing customer service and I made sure to tell a manager before I left.  Thank people when they do something nice for you.  Find a way to make sure they get recognition when they go above and beyond.  And above all else, just be nice.
We will pass old people who drop their canes, busy people who need to go ahead of us in line, weak people and kiddos for whom we may need to open the door.  Be the one.  The one who smiles.  The one to takes the second place in line.  The one who says thank you.  All these little moments can go a long way (any day) this time of year!
Let’s make this a year of giving away all we can  – whatever that means and whatever that looks like!

Let this be the year!