While I was home for Thanksgiving, we decided to try something new.  We have all hit the stage where we don’t really need ANYTHING.  We are blessed more than we can express and what we what we usually just get as we go along.  I mean collectively our gift list included commentaries, ice cream scoop, trivet, fan, and perfume.  Seriously…those are not big needs.
Inspired by a new friend we decided to make memories and not messes!
With the help of Zak (my sister’s fiancee and as of Saturday night, he’ll be my new little brother) we got tickets to Disney on Ice.  Then once we arrived, because we were with Zak, we got full VIP treatment.  They upgraded our seats to rink side!  Literally, we were front and center and the show did not disappoint.  Brought back a lot of memories when we went as kids. 
Following dinner, we joined half of the metroplex at Stonebriar Mall and had a fantastic dinner together at Cheesecake Factory.  Hopefully we’ve started a new tradition for Martinez Christmas!
(yep, given away his baby this week – dad is performing the ceremony. 
It will be a special night for sure!)
(so lucky I get to make memories with this crew!)