I’m so excited to be participating in the Snack Attack Blog Hop today!  (yes, the one I mentioned yesterday!).  I’m hanging out over at A Reasonable Adventurer with my friend Dana’s peeps.  But, you must hang here for a few minutes before you chex out my post! (teaser – hee hee). 

Ashley has become a great friend in Northwest Arkansas.  She is the co-chair of our Relay For Life event in Carroll County (Eureka Springs area for you out of towners) and I’ve come to just love the chats we share.  Ashley is super committed to the fight against cancer, shares my love to organize and plan ahead and is just super fun.  She started a blog earlier this year to transparently share her journey of life and the lessons that God is teaching her every day.  Love this chick….and I’m even more excited about these recipes she is sharing.  You know I love me some chip and dips.  Seriously invite me over for dip and chips and you have my heart any day!

I love Dips, I think they are the perfect snack food, and
what better to bring to your holiday party than a dip! Two favorites of mine
are called “Loaded Ranch Dip” and “Cholesterol Dip” (I don’t know where this
one got its name). Let me just say they are BOTH so good! Now I’m sure you
don’t want to eat a lot of either of these in one sitting, that’s why I usually
take them to a party. I also like the fact that they are easy-pesy!

Loaded Ranch Dip

You’ll need:
1 16 oz container of sour cream
1 package ranch dip mix
1 package real bacon bits (this is usually next to the ranch
dip mixes at Wal-Mart)
½ -1 cup of finely grated cheddar cheese (I say ½ -1 because
it’s your preference, more or less, you choose)

Mix everything together and serve with chips, crackers, on
top of soup, or even as a baked potato topping!

TIP: This recipe
is so easy to double if you’re going to have a larger crowd!

Cholesterol Dip

You’ll need:
2 8 oz Packages of Cream cheese (softened works the best)

1 package breakfast sausage

2 cans Rotel 

Cook the Sausage until done and drain off the excess grease.

Add the Rotel and cream cheese to the skillet and heat until
the cream cheese is completely melted.

Mix well and serve warm with tortilla or corn chips.

TIPS: I usually
puree the Rotel so that it’s not chunky (I don’t like chunks).  If you like a spicier version of this dip use
Hot Breakfast Sausage and Hot Rotel. **Warning it makes it really spicy** 

Just a couple of dips that I love and get compliments on
EVERYTIME I make them! Enjoy!!

Ashley – normally hanging out over at My Crazy Life

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