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Today opens my Pioneer Woman Holiday cookbook, A Year of Holidays, giveaway.  This is an autographed edition from her recent trip to Northwest Arkansas.  And comes with a side hug from Marlboro Man – seriously!

I love this book because its not just about celebrating “the holidays” its recipes for holidays year round.  Yea, remembering that the thing that usually brings us all together is really good food that’s not that hard to make!

But, in sheer bigpittstop style its not your typical giveaway.  Yea, its your chance to give away a giveaway. 

With 2013 being a year full of unexpected surprises in my life, I want to pay it forward and do just that. Surprise someone! 

So, how do you enter the giveaway?  Well, leave a comment below and tell me about someone you would like to surprise this year.  Who has made a difference in your year?  Who has gone above and beyond for the people around them?  Who volunteers at an organization you love?  Who is intentional in the way they live and brings wonder to the everyday?  Who have you been trying to say thank you to and didn’t know how?   It can be one of your best friend (my sure have been a big support this year), your nanny, mother-in-law, office assistant.  But, lets not forget about the lady who we always see passing out the bulletins at church or coming early to set up the coffee counter, the lady who sits at the front desk in your building and made sure the Christmas decorations were up in the lobby.  there are lots of little angels in our lives who we often over look yet see all-the-time.

Leave a comment and tell me who you would like to send the book to and why. 

The contest will be open until Friday afternoon where I’ll draw an entry from random and contact your for the best address to send our special surprise. 

Anyone is welcome to enter so share with your friends and let them know that its time to celebrate everyday like its a holiday!


14 thoughts on “cookbook giveway

  1. I would love to surprise my parents on Christmas but know this is not possible since my husband is a pastor and we have commitments here at our church. My parents are always quick to help others, to give to others who are in need even when they don't have have a lot of extra themselves. This year has been difficult for them since my dad has suffered with back pain for a long time and finally had back surgery in October. He is still in pain and it will be a long recovery. Still he is quick to be a support to other and pray for others. I have always admired my parents and their compassion for others. I could go on and on but this is long already!:)

  2. At this time in my life, I can think of 2 people, one is the author of this blog and the other is my tree, Keisha and my mom. My mom is my "nut" tree (instead of my apple tree), she has helped me in all my medical decisions and has helped make sure that I have the best doctors as I have battle cancer. She has been there from the first chemo treatment to my last chemo and cheering me on from home as we spent a month in Houston for radiation. My relay sister, Keisha, has been there to offer support, wisdom, laughter, and help not only with my diagnoses and treatment but with Relay For Life. She makes sure that I have the confidence in myself as I lead my first committee. Both of these women have made huge impacts on my life, one a little longer than the other, but both important.

    HOWEVER, since one of these ladies is already the owner of this book and the other does not have much time to cook, I request the book goes to someone else. I just wanted to express my gratitude and tell you who I think falls into the categories that Keisha set out.

  3. I would love to surprise my friend, Debbie. Debbie is the amazing accounting chair on our Relay For Life Planning Committee. Debbie recently lost her sister to brain cancer and is still having a hard time with the loss. Throughout her sister's illness and treatment, Deb has continued to keep her job on the committee an important part of her life. She is an excellent decorator and cook. I think she would not only be surprised (and honored) to receive this gift, but she would actually use it when she entertains family and friends.

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