Now that Christmas is over I can make it official. My sister gave the best gifts this year!  The last couple year’s we’ve found it hard and hard to buy for each other.  What we get we didn’t really “need” we put it on a list because we knew someone would ask.  And, as time would have it, I really didn’t have a list of any anything real.  Mom would ask and I’d say I wanted money to give my blog a facelift or some perfume, but really I didn’t want anything.  I know that’s not helpful to those who are trying to buy a gift, but its where I was.  So, my sister in the midst of all he wedding planning still found time to be creative and most importantly…thoughtful.
She wrote me a poem (which is her ultimate way to show she loves you); her own written words.  But, not just any words. Words written just for me.  And, tied to it.  She constructed for me a gift card wallet tied to the following 4 words –
  • Peace – Sonic GC – its the simple things that make us happy
  • Wish – $25 debit card for after Christmas shopping “so a part of me will be with you” since she will be on her honeymoon
  • Joy – McDonalds Arch Card – Snack time…sweet tea, sweet treat
  • Merry – Dollar Tree – there’s something for everyone. 
From a “dollar” perspective its probably one of the bigger gifts she’s given me.  From a creative perspective, I’ll treasure it!  From a thoughtful perspective, its 2nd only to the gift below!
#1 gift of the year was this little gem.  She handed me a big gift bag.  You know the kind that can hide a lamp a sleeping bag and for sure a toddler.  It had all this tissue paper in the top.  When I pulled it out there was a STOP sign that told me to turn the paper over and read first.  I was sitting there quietly reading what it said when everyone said “read it outloud”.  since I was already tearing up, it did the best I could to read it aloud. 
A bigpittstop poem?  Well, I’ve never!  But, she did…
Inside the bag was a big roll of bubble wrap.  When I pulled out the bubble wrap she had taped $50 to a string and made a “web” out of it.  Seriously, she took the time to tape a string to 50 $1 bills.  It was exactly what I wanted done just her way.  Love how her mind works and that rather than being her co-conspirator, I got to be the recipient!   
Then to top I all off, she gave us our stocking in this:
And, the “from” tab at the top had their school pictures taped to it.  Love this girl. 
Lesson learned this year – “be thoughtful” and “don’t give more stuff” 
So, now I need to pieces of feedback.  Who should I look at to do my blog facelift?  What was the best gift your received this year?