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2013 what a year this has been.  365 days ago I could never have told you what this year would hold.

In 2013 I:

  • Accepted a new job (technically 2)
  • learned how to swim against the stream
  • pushed myself through what I know now was some serious depression
  • lost 40 lbs (and found a few of them to return)
  • took a legit photography class
  • celebrated my 5 year cancerversary
  • climbed Hawksbill Peak
  • discovered the Boxley Valley
  • toured the nation’s capital
  • watched fireworks over the Washington Monument on July 4th
  • watched my sister get engaged
  • ate dinner to the tune of 2 San Diego sunsets
  • developed a new item for my etsy store
  • rediscovered my love to write
  • was reminded what community feels like
  • showed at a craft fair
  • experienced heartbreak
  • found my tribe
  • survived a serious wreck
  • bought a new car (see above)
  • invested in a company
  • poured my life experience into another
  • nurtured old friendships
  • developed new ones
  • became a card carrying Starbucks Gold card member
  • carried the same purse for 1 full year
  • found my place of ministry and put down roots
  • discovered and wondered at the beauty of a Northwest Arkansas Fall
  • learned how feeling like a “has been” is different from a “newbie”
  • cried a lot, prayed more and found restoration
  • experienced grace
  • learned that living in obedience and surrender is the only place I want to be

Guess its been a pretty good year after all.  Yes, I’ve learned a lot.  No I would not want to relive the last 365, but I’m glad I did and my commitment in 2014 is to stay true to discovering the road in front of me, holding my head high for what I’ve become and using those gifts to pour into others.  Here’s to 2014 and all that it will hold!  Some days surviving is all I can do, but I’m ready to THRIVE!