2013 in review

2013 what a year this has been.  365 days ago I could never have told you what this year would hold. In 2013 I: Accepted a new job (technically 2) learned how to swim against the stream pushed myself through what I know now was some serious depression lost 40 lbs (and found a few… Read More 2013 in review


Snack Attack Blog Hop

Tomorrow, I will be hosting a blog hop.  That’s right some of my favorite blogs all right here in one place.  But, we are all suffering from a SNACK ATTACK!   What a fun time we will have.  Everyone is posting their snack ideas for their New Year’s parties next week.  Since everyone will be getting… Read More Snack Attack Blog Hop


wedding recap

Well, I know its not a surprise, but my baby sister got married this weekend.  It was a perfect weekend.  I’ll admit that many lists went into the making of this perfect day (you know like the lists of lists kind).  And, like them or not, it really went off without a hitch.  Only 3… Read More wedding recap


Disney on ice

While I was home for Thanksgiving, we decided to try something new.  We have all hit the stage where we don’t really need ANYTHING.  We are blessed more than we can express and what we what we usually just get as we go along.  I mean collectively our gift list included commentaries, ice cream scoop,… Read More Disney on ice


wedding week

no, not mine.  I’m not that far behind in blogging! My sister gets married on Saturday!   We’ve been sidekicks for a while….   can’t wait to stand beside her on her special day!