So, I decided a couple things last night:

-parents are a little too competitive when it comes to child costume contests
-I will probably fall into the lazy mom category when it comes to costumes
-sonic should have $.50 corn dogs more than one day a year
-you can make a “zombie” or “fairy out of any other costume
-there is a lot of pressure to be the house with good candy in the neighborhood. It would be awful to have your neighbors kids judge you!
-apparently little kids dressing up as grandparents and peacocks were the popular costumes this year. 
At the end of the night I was glad to have these little superheroes around to protect me! 
Some of my favorite costumes of the evening
(little Abe Lincoln)
(grandpa from up….the other grandpa had a walker and  “candy drip”)

(you cant tell in this photo, but the robot in the middle was glowing!  his sleeves and legs were made out of dryer vent and he had all kinds of “around the house” gadgets glued on the front to look like movable parts…mad props to this mom)