So, yesterday I got to be a little famous…well, a small version of famous in a little land that among people I love.

Check out my Wordless Wednesday from yesterday over at Arkansas Women Bloggers.

Topic: gratitude.

Story behind the photo: So, every day I drive past a large cemetery on my way to work. It has the most amazing trees. Last fall, I remember noticing their fall beauty everyday on my way to and from work, but never taking the time to stop. I beat myself up through winter mad that I never captured the moment; mad that I had missed the opportunity. I just wasn’t going to let that happen this year. So, a couple weeks ago on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I made a little trip over to the graveyard. And, the trees were amazing. Their jewel tones glistened in the noon time sun and while in such a sacred place, I felt the essence and majesty of their foliage. At one point, I looked down and saw the flag. I thought what an amazing view it would be to have the oranges of the fall season in the background of our star spangled banner. So, I did what all good photographers do. I laid down on my belly in my Sunday sweater to get the perfect shot….with my cell phone. I’ve heard it said that the best camera we may ever own is now the one we carry in our pocket. And, you know what…I might just agree. While capturing this image and the symbolism of the moment, I remembered my little assignment and thought so many layers of my soul related to gratitude were captured in that screenshot. I didn’t even think ahead as I submitted my assignment what might be going on in the world the week it finally posted (one of the fun things about planning posts ahead of time). Monday as I drove through a town with streets lined with tall, full-size flags, I remembered that my photo would pop up this week. And, with the devastating tragedies around our globe this week, gratitude means even more.

I’m thankful for freedom

I’m thankful for the opportunity to walk and stroll in such a public place

I’m thankful for the sacrifice

I’m thankful for the changes fall brings and the reminders that ensue

I’m thankful for life

I’m thankful for safety

I’m thankful for technology that allows us to capture, reflect, explore and express