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Despite the pity you probably feel after that last loathing post, here are some thoughts for Day 3 – When being a single woman is awesome.

I don’t know that “awesome” is the word I would use.  But, there are days that its nice to be single.

  1. When I’ve had a hard day at work or I’m completely mentally exhausted and I don’t have to come home and cook dinner for anyone.  I can drive through, have ice cream for dinner or make something work out of the random left overs I have sitting in the refrigerator (ie the baked potato I brought home from small group last Sunday night and the homemade salsa I had left over from my soup last week…yes its a glamorous life!)
  2. When I want to make a purchase or just go shopping and buy something that catches my eye because retail therapy really does make me feel better!
  3. My DVR stays full of Hallmark movies, reality shows and random tings off Food Network.  My dad always comments when I’m home “well, you can tell Keisha’s here the TV is on some food show or girl movie”.  I don’t have to fight over the remote, I don’t have to wait until his TV show is over.
  4. I can eat crackers in bed and no one complains.
  5. I get to wear whatever pajamas I want to bed with no judgment or having to impress someone
  6. When I want to just sit and post on my blog and kill my Saturdays in social media and dream and sew

I mean do I wish there was someone to:

  • take out the trash or roll the garbage can to the curb…it really only happens once a month when I finally remember
  • fill my car up with gas
  • replace light bulbs in the lamp by my front door that’s on a timer and supposed to be my security
  • thankfully my landlord does my yard or that would have been first on this list.

Its not all bad.  I don’t have stinky softball socks in my laundry.  I don’t have a boy in my bed.  And, I don’t hear grunts and complaints when it comes time to do chores.  Plus I’ve had fabric on my dining room table and a sewing machine on a card table in my living room for a month and no one is bothered by it! 

(you should see the new Razorback dresses and table runner I posted this weekend!)