Its a little known fact and super bad habit that I have to spend some time in social media land before I get out of the bed each morning.  It really became a habit earlier this year when I was looking for inspiration and promises anywhere I could.  Its amazing what an encouragement my Facebook news feed can be during the 7 and 8 o’clock hours.  If yours isn’t, I highly encourage you to “unfriend” some folks and find new ones!

So, this morning in the twittersphere, I ran across this little gem.

Hugh Freeze@CoachHughFreeze 14h

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We only have today. Let us begin. – Mother Teresa. btw kindness cost u nothing

Apparently I’m not the only one because more than 12 hours later it has seen 266 re-tweets and been favorite 122 times. 

Of course a Mother Teresa quote is always a “ringer”.  But, the “kindness costs u nothing” is the portion that I really liked.  I marked it in my mind and moved on.

Later in the morning I found myself standing in a roadside store in Hattiesville, AR referencing my social media morning (pretty sure that’s the first time Twitter much less quoting Twitter has ever graced those walls!)

The conversation was with a volunteer who manages this little roadside gem.  He was thanking me for being nice to his niece at the Relay last year.  I’ll admit. It didn’t even remember doing anything special.  And, I guess that’s why it hit me.  He went on to tell us that it meant enough to her that she wrote about it for a creative writing prompt in one of her classes this fall. That’s what got me.

All the things we strive to do in life and what means the most to someone is because we were “nice” to them.  And, were we nice when we weren’t intentionally being nice.  So, the question presents itself.  If we make a difference when we aren’t thinking about it, what kind of impact could we make if we were intentional? 

Let me ask you.  Are you intentionally kind?  Do you smile?  Are you the happy in their day?  Do they see integrity in your eyes.  Do they choose business with you over someone else?  Are you the chosen person over another because of the way you treat people?  Do they feel better about themselves and their day because your paths encountered each other?

There are many things I hope I’m intentional about, but kindness sure is one of them.  After all…’s FREE!

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