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so, being in Arkadelphia this weekend made me think a lot about “home”.  The word.  But more, the definition. 

While I’m from the Dallas area and its where I grew up and my family lives.  Arkadelphia is still the place I call HOME.

Right now, “here” is not “home” yet.  “Here” is where my stuff is.  Its where I live.  Its where I work.  Its where I do life.  But, there are many more layers to “home”.

Home is the place I spent my weekend.  But, I do realized that “home” is a place you can visit.  It doesn’t have to be the place you “are”.

Home is the place that knows you best.  Where you find your roots, but grew your wings.

Home is a launching pad.  Home is a grounding place.

Homes brings your core its best energy.  It makes you (or me anyway) the best version of yourself.

It loves your ugly and cheers your great.  Its the place where you have people that you can read their mind with a glance and knows how life is by the look on your face.  Its the place where silence is deafening and laughter is always a belly laugh.  

Its a place where people see your face and forget that you aren’t there every day.

Its a place that fits you like a glove and makes your shine like a little black dress.

Home always holds a piece of your heart yet fills it in a way that makes you expand to your greatest potential.