While this topic doesn’t really seem to apply much to being “single”.  With a name like mine I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Day 10 : Meaning of your name and what it means to you

So, KEISHA – yea, you know a good American name!

I did a little google searching and here are some interesting things I found.

  • American Name, used in English Speaking countries (I know you were really wondering!)
  • probably the shortened form of the name Lakeisha, a form of the name Aisha
  • reached peak of popularity in 1969
  • derived from the biblical name Keziah, one of Job’s daughters in the Bible
  • West African root meaning “favorite daughter”…..just saying!

But, the website that seemed to get me was www.first-names-meanings.com – check this out!

Who is she?
Beneath the aloof and sometimes glacial exterior, Keisha   is more sensitive and emotional than the average person. Her intuition is considerably well developed, and she applies it with mastery in her personal interactions. Indeed, she tends to be passive, even a little lazy at times and is often far away in a daydream; although her faculties of observation are excellent. She is very attentive to the needs of others, but often forgets about herself. She is generally shy, and can be very touching, however she is just as capable of showing quite formidable character. She is discreet, modest even, to such an extent that she can appear frosty and distant. She holds her privacy dear and tends to be rather secretive, which is why Keisha   is often such an enigma to those around her! This is probably just a protective mechanism, because she is sensitive and generally feels vulnerable. If she experiences emotional upheaval, she may react by becoming withdrawn and hiding away from the world, and could even experience periods of depression. Yet she is also capable of great courage and determination if she happens to be touched by a particular cause (usually of a social nature). Actually, she is such a complex creature because she is divided between two rather antagonistic frequencies of vibration. The energies of the 9 are conducive to a certain spirituality and concern for others wellbeing, inciting her to join groups or associations with similar ideals… Then there are those of the 7, which tend to induce scepticism, egocentricity and push her to flee the world and live as a hermit – even in the family home… Parents, beware, because Keisha   can be rather manipulative, and underneath the cool reserve, wisdom and kindness, she could have a surprise or two up her sleeve! Furthermore, she can often be of quite mercurial temperament. On the other hand, she has an enormous need for affection. Magic and the supernatural: the weird, wonderful and fantastic have a special place in her heart, as do tales and legends. If she suffers an emotional disappointment, she is inclined to escape into her inner world of daydreams. It would be desirable for her to develop an artistic hobby, and to participate in group activities to help develop her sense of solidarity.

What does she like?
She treasures her privacy and you are not to pry, and she is probably the keeper of many secrets. Because she is such a sentimental sort, she is attracted to life as half of a couple. She possesses a profound sense of friendship and can be counted on to give sound advice. She dreads loneliness and tends to be conciliatory and patient in her relationships with others. Where her heart is concerned, she is much more tender, loving and affectionate than she appears to be; however the smallest heartache could signify the return of the ice queen.

What does she do? 
Where her career is concerned, Keisha  could be drawn to the social professions (law or medicine), communications and creation (media, cinema, theatre, music), anything to do with foreign travel, or the social sciences (psychology, graphology, pedagogy…), or in connection with esotericism or spirituality.

Kinda interesting thoughts if you ask me!  I know one thing.  My name is unique.  Its always thrown people for a loop.  But, here’s the deal, its fits me and I like it.

Interesting facts from my view point

  • I did always like The Cosby Show and thought it was cool that there was a girl on there with a similar name in real life. 
  • anytime I type my name in a computer for the first time, it always wants to autocorrect it to “geisha”…that’s a lovely thought
  • I’m always a fan if someone throws the $ in there!