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So, today the American Cancer Society has issued a challenge.  To kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2013, they are challenging us to raise $1 million in 1 day.  Now I alone am not raising $1million (although, that would be awesome and if you can make that happen, PLEASE let me know!).  But the amazing thing about the way the American Cancer Society works is that together we can save more lives.  So everything I raise combines with everything Northwest Arkansas raises, combines with what we raise in the mid south, nation, etc. 

So, to think that the $25 I just gave could make a $1 million difference is not out of the question!

But, imagine what could happen if everyone who reads this today stopped and made a $25 donation, even a $10 donation

I’ve committed my life to fighting this disease and its important.

For those who are curious, all funds raised through Making Strides Against Breast Cancer are earmarked (designated) to funding breast cancer research and patient services.

So, you might be asking…why if you had Lymphoma are you pushing this?  Well, for one…its my job and what an amazing group of volunteers in Northwest Arkansas commit their time to so that makes it important to me.  But, its greater than that. 

One of the chemo drugs I took was adriamycin – aka “The Red Devil”.  Most of the time this is what breast cancer patients who have to take chemo take.  Its ugly.  And, the more you take the more ugly it gets.  Its what makes your hair fall out.  Pee red pee (yes, you read that right).  And, depending on how much you have to take its the one that makes you the most sick.  So, yea its of the devil.

But, its the one that saved my life too.  It’s the “A” of AVBD, my drug therapy protocol.  It was the kicker that made it all finally work. 

So, breast cancer research means just as much to me as other types because the main breast cancer therapy is also the mix for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  Its also part of what saved my life.  So, yes.  It’s that important.

Yes, $25 can save a life.  Yes, $25 can help someone feel more like their self with a FREE wig.  Yes, $25 can help a person LOOK more like their self.

I dare you.  Don’t eat out tonight…and donate to my team!  It’s what I did.

The Rack Pack – make donations here!