I tell you what, I signed in to facebook this afternoon and found the sweetest surprise.  I was reminded this afternoon what a difference amazing friends can make in your life.  Near or far amazing friends make life worth living.  And, when they make the things that are a priority in your life a prioroty in theres, it means so much.

Thank you Jon Merryman for this post this afternoon.  It totally made my day!!! 

We never know how the small little gestures that take us a few extra mintues of work and whole lot of thoughtfulness will turn around someone’s day….my case of the “monday’s” is gone….

Love my sweet friends

Jon Merryman

6 hours ago .

In honor of Keisha Pittman’s birthday and Clark County Relay for Life both this weekend, KP is featured in Cone Bottoms this week! You can also make a donation to the American Cancer Society in honor of Keisha’s birthday here! http://main.acsevents.org/site/TR?px=30017052&pg=personal&fr_id=51202