So my post yesterday about “amazing friends” really had me thinking last night about what really makes an amazing friend.  I’m sure we could all define these different ways, but for me, it boils down to having a few specific people in mind who have been consistently amazing friends.

I’m fortunate in my life to have lots of people that I call friends…but amazing friends, those are a little different;

Amazing friends-

  • think of you when they eat at your favorite restaurant – and may or may not rub it in your face when they are there without you!
  • make your priorities their priorities
  • pick up right where you left off even if its been months since you’ve seen them
  • support you in the things that are important for you, even if its hard or no where they personally want to be
  • send you messages of encouragement right when you need them
  • read a quote, hear a verse, watch a video and think of you and take the extra moment to share the words you need to hear, even if they are hard to hear
  • don’t apologize for saying what needs to be said
  • think its beautiful when you do the ugly cry
  • get as giddy as you do about the special moments of your life
  • dream bigger dreams for you
  • read between the lines and help you put the puzzle pieces together
  • push you to be your best…even when complacency is easier
  • can read through the “I’m ok” even if you are just talking by email, text or over the phone
  • celebrate all your successes – big and small

So blessed and grateful to have people in my life that I call friends.  What about you…what makes a friendship special?

When I transitioned to NWA, I ran across a quote on Pinterest that said “Family is not always the people you are born to, it can be the people who you share in life’s journey”.  I love this quote and reflect back to it weekly when I think about the amazing people that I get to share life’s journey with.