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As we keep things going with the Christmas prep, I’m guessing your tree is up by now, so today is all about Ornaments and what goes on top of that tree!

What’s on top of your tree – angel, star, something else? Is there a person who always had to put the tree topper on, or is it just part of getting the tree decorated? Is it the last thing to go on the tree?

Ornaments – Are your ornaments family heirlooms or do you have “pretty” ornaments

Ornament tradition – favorite ornament, an ornament you always put on the tree, do you get a new ornament every year to represent/symbolize something during the past year? Do you have an ornament that has to be on the tree for it to feel like Christmas?

Here are some of my favorite ornaments from recent years.  You know when your mom changes themes every year you have lots of to capture!

We just started the last couple years getting an ornament each year.  We look for something that represents a change, an experience or somehow sums up our year.  Last year mine was a little marshmallow guy with a cell phone and it said “tweet this”.  It was perfect.  I cant wait to see what’s waiting to summarize this year.  I sure could use some encouraging words!