This is a topic I’m very curious to hear from you on! 

We don’t have any long traditions about going out and looking at lights so I’m so anxious to see what other people do.  Please comment and share your traditions or link up and let us know what your family does.

I do love looking at lights.  Honestly I’m totally amazed at the time that people spend putting lights out.  To me any house can transform into a gingerbread house with Christmas lights. 

Here are some highlights of lights as I have experienced them over the years.

  • Lights at the Branson Landing water show
    • Growing up we would sometimes stop by Santa Land in east Texas and do a drive through tour of lights.
    • Of course I love Garvan Woodland Gardens this time of year and miss the annual trek to Hot Springs to wander the gardens and the little treasures hidden along the paths.
    • I just read today about a whole neighborhood in Northwest Arkansas who have set their lights up to be timed to music.  My lack of techno brain just can’t wrap my mind around setting up your lights to the tune of music that you can’t even hear until you tune your radio to a certain station.  I’m sure there is some gadget your plug them all into, but that sleigh completely flys over my head.

    This is definately a tradition I want to create for my family.  I want to bundle up with coats and scarves.  Drive through Starbucks and pick up our favorite drinks and then drive through our favorite neighborhoods and town squares with the windows down and Christmas music playing.

    For me, Christmas lights create the perfect definition of awe and wonder.

    What I do love about Christmas lights is the wonder of the glow they create in your eyes.  When I go to look at lights with someone I always look over at their face.  I love the profile of the human face in the glow of Christmas lights.  This week try an experiment.  Go look at Christmas lights with someone.  In a non-awkward, non-stalker way, take a glance at their face.  The light will twinkle back in their eyes and they will have a smile on their face.  You just can’t look at Christmas lights without the glimmer of nostalgia in your eyes.  It is one of the special gifts of the holiday season.

    Happy Advent,