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Complete this sentence –  “It’s Christmas when…” or “It’s not Christmas until…”

Big Pitt Stop’s “It’s not Christmas Until…” Top Ten:
1.  My nativity set is out!
2.  I’ve had some of my mom’s homemade fudge
3.  All my Christmas cards are dropped in the mail – Check!
4.  Apple Cider candles are lit in every room – truth be told. this is my favorite scent so they burn all year.  To me the scent of Autum Apple or Spiced Cider is the perfect fragrance to make it “smell like home” – although on a recent travel I discovered “The Smell of Christmas” by Aromatique and I must admit it is the perfect blend of the scent of Christmas
5.  Every restaurant in town has a Peppermint milk shake – seriously have you looked around lately or am I the only one in a drive through 3 times a week?
6.  I’ve heard O, Holy Night and O, Come Let Us Adore Him – thank you Fellowship Northwest Arkansas for taking care of this Sunday morning on the first Sunday of Advent
7.  I’ve had Peppermint Punch at a Christmas Party surrounded by some of my favorite people (should occur tomorrow evening)
8.  My sister and I have taken our official “its Christmas picture” in front of the tree.
9.  Dad has made his homemade brew of hot chocolate.  None of us really know what he puts in it, but it usually occurs when we are all tired and gathered in the living room to watch some chickflick that’s on TV and he gets up to go in the kitchen and we beg and then he starts concocting.  Its good, so we dont ask questions.
10.  Mostly though, its Christmas the moment I get to Texas and know that I’m off work for a week and the next 7 days will involved too much family time, catching up with friends, eating amazing homemade treats and shopping…lots of shopping.  We will stay up late and I’ll have a hard time getting back on schedule when I get home.  But, I love this time of year and how it draws me back to the most important things in life  love, faith, family and friends. 
Happy advent,