Well, Christmas eve is tomorrow.  Is there a Christmas present you are really anticipating?  Did you ask for something special that you can wait to get?  Or, is there a present wrapped under the tree that you cant wait to watch someone open?

Once I get all my presents wrapped, I’m ready for them to be opened.  I still beg mom every year if everyone can open a gift before Christmas.  I just love the anticipation of people opening all their gifts.

I love giving gifts.  Its one of my favorite things all year.  I love searching for just the perfect present and then watch the recipient open it. 

I’m really bad about making a list.  I usually just throw out there gift ideas as the year goes along and forget them when it comes.  Then, I’ll open a present and say “oh yeah”.  Its a good gig my mom has because we totally forget what we picked out and its all a fresh surprise.

So, tonight as I sit in front of the tree, lit with the glow of lights, I see the reflection glimmer in the wrapping.  Its kinda inviting.  I’ve never been the kid to want to open presents and see what’s inside.  I’m pretty sure I have no poker face so I knew I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t know.  But, I never wanted to spoil the surprise. 

I love waiting to see what everyone gets.  We open gifts one at a time and just draw it out as long as possible. Dad usually gets bored so we make sure to rotate an keep him interested.

I know we are blessed and I’m so grateful to be able to give gifts and grateful to be able to have a tree wrapped with gifts.

What about you?  Any gift you are anticipating?