Today is all about that little rosey faced messenger from the North Pole.  Some know him as Buddy or Ernie.  To some, he is creepy and others interact with him a magical way. 

He is Elf on a Shelf …
A more recent addition to the magical characters of a holiday season, but one that seems to have caught on rather quickly. 

Not having kids myself, I’m so curious about the traditions many of you are using to  integrate this into your family traditions.

How do you make this work?  Link up and share!


I must admit, Elf on the Shelf is the something that I’m super curious about.  I love talking to my co-worker (who hangs out over at Bramell Party of Five) every morning to see what shenanigans Buddy got into the night before at their house.

I also love seeing the pictures each day on facebook of how the little elves are behaving in your home.  One of my high school friends is some what of a stinker and the elf at his house follows in suit.  Some morning he has been holding Ken, you know the one that “goes with” Barbie, hostage or even rubbing his little elf tushie with his kid’s tooth brush.  They are clearly trying to teach some lessons at that house!

I’m honestly not sure how I feel about the dear little Elf on the Shelf.  While he creeps me out now, I’m sure as a kid I would have bought it hook line and sinker.  I mean it didn’t take much to tell me Santa was watching or to put reindeer food out on Christmas eve.  Of course I love writing a letter every year with tons of details. 

Had we had Elf on a Shelf, I’m pretty sure there would have been the North Pole Breakfast or Breakfast with Buddy that some are holding.  My mom always goes all out and I know she would have been all over that!
If you are not doing this, let me encourage you to check out Kati’s Get Away and see what she did or Jenna over at Jenna’s Journey.  These are some rockin mamas and I’m sure if I was caught up with my Google reader, I would have some more suggestions for you.   

One of my favorite thing about being 30 is watching all my amazing friends be mamas.  And, part of what I love is seeing how they handle holidays with their kids.  While I know many struggle with “pushing the truth” this time of year, I’m more inspired by the introducing of nostalgia and magic into the lives of all my “nieces” and “nephews”.  There is not much in life any more that is full of pure innocent fun.  And I love these special traditions that create magic and whimsy in a healthy way.

What about you.  What are your thoughts on the little Elf guy?