What are your Christmas Eve traditions? Do you go to a candle lighting service at your church? Do you exchange ornaments or one special gift? Do you have your family celebration or do you wait?  What makes Christmas Eve special at your house?

We spend Christmas Eve with my mom’s family.  And it is always most entertaining.  We let the little kids open their gifts and exchange stockings.  Its always fun to be together and we know for sure its a blessing to have 4 generations together in one place.  All 18 of us were together, so we worked really hard and here’s the commemorative photo of the day.

The Jones and Lewis bunch all together.

Here are some other great shots and memories from the day.

more carbs food that we could eat!

craft time – it was supposed to entertain the kids, I think we enjoyed it more!

Papa’s girls

My aunt made these awesome ornaments.  They were personalized for everyone in the family! So awesome and personalized just perfectly.


gift time!

Then we had to play with the gifts…and by we, I mean my sister!
May your days be merry and bright!