Advent: Beverages

Do you have a favorite holiday beverage? Hot Chocolate, Cider, or maybe you like a more “spirited” beverage!  No judgment, just curious for the recipe.

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Funny that this would be the post today since a friend of mine was asking what my go to party punch is.  And for me, that’s easy.

Peppermint Punch
1 carton of peppermint ice cream
1 1/2 gal of egg nog
1 2 L ginger ale

The egg nog and ginger ale need to be cold and I would set the ice cream out about 20-30 minutes before you want to use it so its soft. 

Put the ice cream in your punch bowl.  Pour in the egg nog and top with the ginger ale.  Its perfectly creamy and pepperminty. 

I know everyone has their opinions about egg nog and whether they like it or not.  My suggestion is to use it because you get all the creamy from the egg nog and not necessarily the flavor.

No doubt, this is my go to.  What about you? Do you have a family recipe for wassail? Do you have a holiday sangria? Do you have another cold punch that you prefer?

I’ve been looking for the yummy mocha ice cream punch.  I’ve heard about it but never made it.  Anyone in blog land know what I’m talking about?


2 thoughts on “Advent: Beverages

  1. Keish, here is a recipe I found on Pinterest. I think Kelly Stamps also has a recipe on her site.

    Coffee Punch Recipe: Everyone loves it. Pour 1 can of Eagle Brand evaporated milk in large bowl with 1/2 gallon of ice cream (vanilla or chocolate). Pour a 10 to 12 cup pot of hot coffee over and stir to melt ice cream. Put in gallon freezer bags and freeze. Sit out for an hour or until slushy. Pour into punch bowl and enjoy!!

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