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What about the holidays make you say Bah-humbug? Is there something specific that just about puts you over the edge? Here is your chance to vent.  I have a feeling we are all there with you!


I’m pretty much always a happy person.  When I get stressed out, I find that I’m short and not thoughtful.  When I’m happy, I’m the definition of elation.  When I’m down, I need some time to retreat and get over it.  It doesn’t take long, but I need time to mentally process the emotion and move on, or figure out how to deal with it.

All that being said –

I think for me, the busyness of the holidays is what makes me grinchy.  My favorite thing about the holiday is not having to set my alarm and not having an agenda each day.

I’m my best when I can think through things and plan ahead.  When life is structured and organized.  In those moments I’m me.  I have time to be thoughtful and intentional.  2 things I strive for every day. 

The hurriedness and busyness causes my mind to wander and be distracted. 

Its a flaw, I’m aware of it. 

Knowing these things about myself pushes me to be more of a planner; to know myself and control the temper and foggy brain.  I’m most certain that I would not be a good contestant on the Amazing Race or other experiences like that, that make me manipulate quickly on my feet.  That being said, I’m pretty good in a flash moment to make a decision.  But, that’s because in the calm quiet moments of life I spend a lot of time pondering.  Pondering “what ifs?”, and “how would you handles?”.  When bad things happen to people around me, I tend to think through how I would handle a situation of misfortune, fame or regret.  It is in those quiet moments that I take a snapshot.  A grasp of the situation.  I mull it over and redirect my thoughts towards the proper protocol. 

I know its weird.  But hey, I’m willing to admit it.  That’s the first step to recovery, right? 

So, to keep the little green guy away from my head, I try to just be chill.  The more chill I include in my world, the more I find the easy-going moments in my life. 

Let’s be honest.  High-strung is way more my speed!