turning the wheel

Yesterday, I posted about my awesome weekend with my friend Kate in Tulsa.  While watching her complete her marathon, I saw this guy not too far in front of her. One of the interesting things with supporting a person in a marathon is that you begin to see the same people at each step and… Read More turning the wheel


tulsa marathon

This weekend, I took a much needed hiatus to Tulsa to watch my friend Kate complete her 5th marathon….yes, I said 5th.  Every time she says this is my last for a while…like 365 days ago!! It was the Route 66 Marathon.    She did awesome.  I’m always amazed when I watch these races.  Of… Read More tulsa marathon


Halloween Hangover

After seeing all the pictures last night on facebook of all my friends babies, I had to ask my dad to guest post the story of my first Halloween.  While I was there, lets be honest no one really remembers their first Halloween.  However the “messy” story of the first night has haunted me all… Read More Halloween Hangover