Ugly Truth

So, yesterday was an UGLY one. It’s the only word that i can use to describe it. It’s the most in control of an uncontrolled mind that I have ever experienced personally. As I reflect back on it, it boils down to a bottomless pit of LONELINESS. It’s the only word I can find to… Read More Ugly Truth


Relay Summit 2012

This weekend has been a blast.  We attended the American Cancer Society Mid-South Division, Relay for Life Leadership Summit.  I’m still processing all the emotions.  It was a full blown internal roller coaster – doubt, fear, excitement, adrenaline, encouragment and emotion. The theme was Dream Big, Hope Big and Relay Big.  Everything was BIG, BIG, BIG. … Read More Relay Summit 2012


one month

Yesterday was a month. One month that I’ve been in my new job.  That’s really hard to believe.  You know me.  My desk is covered with post-it notes.  My cubi walls are covered with papers and lists and ideas.  But, in it all I’m finding my way. (or at least trying to!) I spent the… Read More one month


Strawberry dreams

22 years ago I was sitting in the lobby of a hospital in Dallas coloring wrapping paper with my sister. (back then you could safely leave your kids in a hospital lobby and not worry about them!) we were there because my grandmother was going through experimental cancer treatments. They knew it wasn’t going to… Read More Strawberry dreams


enchanted evening

Friday night was the first event I’ve been part of since joining the NWA American Cancer Society team.  It was a day of tons of hard work, but so much fun!!!  Enchanted Forest Ball at Pratt Place Inn and Barn in Fayetteville.  (a fantastic venue for ANY occasion – it has so much charm and… Read More enchanted evening


Good one

It’s been a good day. I woke up this morning and realized it was the first work day in Sept and realized that meant it was officially my new work year. Meaning everything I do from here on out determines the outcome. I actually thought I wonder what I can do today to not disappoint… Read More Good one