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Time for a Change

My good buddy Jason Jones is running for City Office – there have been some interesting things going on here in ‘ole Arkadoo and its time to make some changes in city leaders and get some things done…well the things the people want done anyway. So, we had ourselves a good old fashioned “Meet the… Read More Time for a Change


Papa’s Pears

When I was at my Papa’s house weekend before last, I might have snuck a couple pears from his tree out back while he wasn’t looking.  Bartlett pears have become a new obsession, but I think its becase they remind me of Papa’s Pears.  You see my Papa has a tree behind his house that… Read More Papa’s Pears


completely clear

That’s what Dr. M said today when I went in for my post-scan apt. He read straight off the report “no evidence of anything”! So um yeah…that was awesome news. 2 years. It’s been two years since He first told me I was in remission. I think the words “complete remission” were even used today,… Read More completely clear



Well, it would seem after a week like last week when Tiger Tunes tickets went on sale, that I would have had a great opportunity to reflect in the days leading up to Thursday, about the wonderful place that I call home.  Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones….those who live in Arkadelphia and call… Read More O-U-A-C-H-I-T-A


obu hollar!

Monday is an exciting day for Ouachita. September 6th is our Founder’s Day. We are celebrating this year with a special celebration!  Join us in the fun and check out how you can get involved at BlogAbout. Here’s how it works… Announcing the first ever OBU BlogAbout Monday, September 6 We are asking all OBU… Read More obu hollar!