safe times

Who said fun things don’t happen in Arkadelphia? LOCKDOWN I was so proud of our campus and the way they protected our students, avoided mass chaos, and kept the day running as smoothly as possible. On a totally related note, I’m officially and Arkansan.  I listened to the scanner on the internet while they “tracked… Read More safe times


Tigers for Life

I love the energy that is back on campus!!!! http://www.todaysthv.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=592752558001 (make sure and mute the music to watch this great video about our new ranking!) I am not however happy with how slow they are making the internet by all their frivolous activity!!!

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give a little bit

So, the American Cancer Society Little Rock Metro area is really close to meeting their fundraising goal for the year…you can help.  Think about it…what if you… -gave up your coffee one day a week -didnt eat out lunch one day week -rented a movie from Red box instead of watching at the the theater… Read More give a little bit


pics from philly

Let’s just say there were over 1600 of these to sift through….I’ve been a little busy! wanna see more?  check out http://bigpittstop.shutterfly.com/ In case you couldnt figure it out…my mom, sis and I went to Philadelphia!


just like that

And, just like that, my Google reader says I have one un-read item. Yeah, there were over one thousand when I started.  And, the “un-read” item is something I actually read, but wanted to read again, so I marked it that way.  So, now that I’m caught up on that maybe I can write a… Read More just like that


zim zam zoom

Today, we went to the circus in Dallas.  So fun.  We added it up and its been at least 15 years since any of us attended a circus.  I’ll admit, it was a little different than when I was 5, but there is something to nostalgic and amazing to watch magic unfold under the disguise… Read More zim zam zoom