I discovered today that I LOVE beverages with mint in them.  At the aforementioned restaurant, they had a little assortment of things you could mix in with your tea.  So, I decided to tear up some mint leaves…I mean I’m from the south, it couldnt be bad.  And, it was on the contrary…muy delicioso!!! I… Read More mint-tastic


run as fast as you can

If you see a Cafe Express…run, run as fast as you can in the other direction.  Otherwise, you will be pulled in by its perfect cozy dining room.  It has all the things that make for a perfect summer restaurnat.  Outside patio tables under white umbrellas and an inside dining room reminiscent of a European… Read More run as fast as you can



I need to appologize for my entry yesterday.  It was abstract and probably didnt make sense…welcome to my world! I know I could just easily delete it and start over or even pretend it didnt happen, but that’s not authentic or organic…so I’m leaving it there.  The bare, raw, strange part of my inner thoughts.… Read More oopsiee


on the road again

I have a friend from high school whose dad, husband and another guy are on the road together to break their own world record. In 1997, they set the world record for driving through the 48 states using the least amount of fuel. In 99 they broke that record and set the record at 104… Read More on the road again


better than a hallejuah

Here’s a song that has really been speaking to me lately… ..(make sure you pause the music on the playlist on the left) …may you be blessed by these lyrics.. I think there are a few things that I could add to her list…

Cancer, Encouragement

fly to Jesus

This morning, my sweet friend Jim Watts went to be with Jesus. Jim was that guy at church that you wanted to see every Sunday because he greeted you with an encouraging word and a big bear hug. If you were down, he listened and then said something caring and funny to pick you up.… Read More fly to Jesus


homage to ruru

Sometimes I just like to wear dresses…I miss having a reason to dress up (she stated while still wearing her church dress at 9 o’clock sunday night)…somthing I never thought I would hear her say I dont like tapping umm…yes, ok – her answer to everything si, si supueda – is her answer in the… Read More homage to ruru



So, I’ve written before and confessed my obsession with coupons and a good deal. Well, my sister might like couponing just a little bit more than I do. So, for her Wednesday birthday celebration, we stopped by and collected these goodies before church…guess how much we spent? $1.29…yes you read that right…free spicy sandwiches at… Read More freebies


memorial (birth) day

Monday, we took advantage of the holiday and celebrated my sister’s birthday…the big 25. I know…such a young little pup… Anyway, we had so much fun in the West End in Dallas. We went to the Bodies Exhibit…I was really excited about it, kinda nervous that it might get a little too personal, but so… Read More memorial (birth) day