my special helper

Well, my special helper arrived yesterday.  And, he had a party with the power washer.  Wonder what my water bill will look like this month between him and leak a couple weeks ago…oh well.  I’m really glad my dad’s here.  I love it when my family comes to visit and dad just by himself is more… Read More my special helper


Dedicated to God

That’s what her name means, and it was such a special day. I stayed here this weekend (I know, it was Mother’s day, but I talked to my mama 3-4 times…does that count?) I spent the day with my college roommate Brooke and her family. She and her husband Robert recently became parents of sweet… Read More Dedicated to God


not much to say

well, I don’t really have much to write about… I could tell you about how I didn’t really take very many pics at Relay for Life so when I just uploaded them to my computer so I could post them on here, I didn’t really have any…so I cant…but I won’t mention that… (maybe someone… Read More not much to say