sad face

So, Relay was amazing this weekend.  So fun…i’m still trying to catch up on the sleep.  But, my computer has a little sickness and went to the doctor…so when I get it back, I’ll share pics with ya.


sheer amazingness

So, I came home yesterday and saw this on my porch…and got really excited…and wanted to do a little dance because… …this was inside…. I placed this order on Jan 10th, but it was a pre-order for Plan B, so I had to wait on the Pioneer Woman too…sad day.  I cant wait to look… Read More sheer amazingness


birthday bonanza

So, I got to celebrate my birthday this weekend with the fam.  Mom made cajun chicken pasta with broccoli and asparagus (my two favorite veggies…gotta eat your greens), garlic bread, tropical tea, and PINK LEMONADE PIE.  I’ve had pink pie every year for as long as I can remember.  You can see why I want… Read More birthday bonanza


Adventures out East

While I’m still fully convinced that I’m a city girl, I just cant help myself when it come to wide open fields with barns and cows in them. These pictures just don’t do justice to the fields I saw Monday on my travels through East Texas. I went down some roads this week that I’ve… Read More Adventures out East


3 miles celebrating life

This weekend was our 5K Sprint for Cancer in Las Colinas.  Such a fun thing to do together as a family.  I think we should do more….but, my dad might disagree. Such a fun way to celebrate my birthday with my family!!!

Recipes, Solutions

Before you go

A couple things to plan for before you leave on your photo day extravaganza: Pack your lunch and a few extra snacks, you never know how long you are going to be out there and we dont have time to stop and eat! And, pack a couple extra bottles of water, especially if you plan… Read More Before you go



So, on my work travels today I found some amazing wisteria, pink and white dogwoods and other “southark” travels.  There may be a photography day in my future tomorrow.  I think I’ve got a plan.  I love the south!!!!  (even if it is backwoods AR) And, I decided today why I like being a passenger… Read More southark


cleaned out

I knew this was going to be one of those weeks… spreadsheet finished (am I a complete nerd that playing on Excel makes me happy…its a rhetorical question!) inbox cleaned out google reader emptied (I had 909 unread items…its been a while!) obsessive compulsive – CHECK! Happy Wednesday night…off to clean out the DVR…do you… Read More cleaned out


dum head

Dear man who just told me that my dad cannot be insured because he carries people from his church in his vehicle when he visits people, you are dumb. I’ll be calling someone else to talk to them.  And, how does that make sense anyway?  You were clearly peeved to be working on Good Friday… Read More dum head