God is still God

I saw this story posted on a blog today and I had to pass it along.  Please be praying for this family and all that 2010 is bound to bring them. Zac Smith Story (Video) You can also follow his blog here. Here’s my favorite line of the video and what I’m assuming is the… Read More God is still God


picture perfect

So, I’m in the business for a new camera.  Mine has had better days.  Well, it still takes great pics, it’s just ghetto rigged to do it and I’m tired of dealing with it.  I’ve been saving up and I’m ready to take the plunge. So, any thoughts?  I’m thinking basic SLR level.  I’m debating… Read More picture perfect



My week in NOLA A little tour of the city… there really are no words… a little luck o’the Irish…or not… Benjamin Button’s House Real World House so worth the walk…even if we did a little hitch hicking just think we had more dinner reservations in 3 hours! before we were suffocated by the girl… Read More NOLA 10


going green

Help me reach the Go Green Challenge with the Relay for Life organization – an extended program of the American Cancer Society.  Just click on the link below and follow to my personal Relay for Life page: Keisha’s Relay for Life Page You have all day TODAY!!!!


spring has sprung

Look what happened at my house this weekend: (sorry, I had my eyes closed in the other pic…so, since this is my blog, I get to pic the one with my eyes open..I can’t remember the last time we all took a pic that someone didnt have their eyes closed) (Well, this one didnt really… Read More spring has sprung


domestic goddess

Yes, it was as good as it looks.  Last week for small group I made homemade pineapple pesto vinaigrette (sorry no link on that) and since “re-using” leftovers is a new game I like to play, I had at it.  I really wanted some scallops and when you live in a small town, you either… Read More domestic goddess


donut palace

So, last weekend, I had enough…you see about a month ago, I was craving homemade donuts after talking to my mom and then seeing Pioneer Woman make some (although mine were not as good as her fully homemade ones looked).  So, I did it.  I save my Saturday calories for dinner: Which involved a few… Read More donut palace


Get with the Program

Well, I finally joined Relay for Life…ok, so I’ve been a member, I just finally got my page set up for this year.  Looking for a great way to support cancer?…well, really cancer research?…follow the link below and Join us in the Fight!! Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back. Keisha’s Relay for Life Page You know I… Read More Get with the Program


Karaoke Videos

Again, a huge thanks to our contestants for the Relay for Life Karaoke…wonder how it went? Randy/Travis – Bend me Shape Me – Representing Second Baptist Church Casey Motl – Shout – Representing Ouachita Baptist University It was a great night and between the Karaoke Challenge and the Kiss the Pig Contest on Saturday, we raised… Read More Karaoke Videos


Bachelor Party

No, not that kind! Last night some girls came over for a just the girls (like any man wanted to endure those three hours), break-up-food eating (Hello brownie trifle…it was dangerous), vomit-twittering (there might have been several facebook comments too), gag-me with a spoon (or glorified ham sandwiches in our case), ABC Monday Night Primetime… Read More Bachelor Party