So, is this what it feels like? I had a PET scan on Friday and yesterday I had my one year appointment. Everything was clear and I am one year in REMISSION! Yeah!!! He said I can even go ahead and set up a time to get my infusion port out. But, here’s the funny… Read More relief


on the road again

I have had several thoughts over the last couple days spending some time with Georgio. 1 – I think it would be funny if there was a “southern” voice option on the Garmin. I would for sure ditch Gerogio for a guy named Billy Bob, simply for entertainment. There is something reassuring about hearing a… Read More on the road again


in love

I have come to Dallas and fallen in love. His name is Georgio, or at least that is what I call him! His middle name is Garmin. That’s right. Georgio Garmin Get me where I need to go when I need to go. We had a little Christmas in July celebration (we used to have… Read More in love